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Academy of the Cross

Welcome to the Academy of the Cross website. In early spring of 2014, the board of directors determined that the financial resources were not available to continue the efforts to open this relevant, inspiring, and transformational education opportunity. The decision was based on the following: Through extended study, careful planning, and strategic projections, the Academy of the Cross board of directors has had to make the following determination. The capital funding necessary to open the school with a facility that would be inviting to students, competitive with other programs, and sustainable over the years to come is considerably greater than the ability of our supporters to give and the capacity of the organization to raise. For that reason the efforts devoted to the pursuit of realizing the vision and opening Academy of the Cross will be discontinued. A full explanation of the decision includes encouragement to all who support the idea of what education needs to become today.

While the school will not open, those who developed the vision hope that the work done will inspire others to reach for innovation and improvement in their own spheres of influence. For that reason, this website will remain active as a resource to those seeking to develop and deliver new ideas in learning.

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Relevant – Connects learning to significance

Academy of the Cross is an extraordinary place for sons and daughters to learn and grow. Families and students can expect an insightful, creative, and interactive curriculum that brings important real world connection into the classroom. Students will find valuable opportunities to identify and nurture their natural talents and embrace their God-given significance so they more clearly recognize who they are, who they can become, and how they can fulfill the promise and possibilities our Lord creates for them.

Inspiring – Links passion with possibility

Each student has the potential to make an indelible footprint on the world. The faculty is empowered to teach and motivate students, inspiring them to new heights personally, academically, and spiritually. We engage students\' curiosity, energy, and talents in order to help them understand the realities of today and ready themselves for the possibility tomorrow brings. Through a collaborative, multidimensional learning model, students gain self-confidence and develop critical thinking and reasoning skills as we enhance their vision of the world and challenge them to reflect, respond, and lead in many different ways.

Transforming – Turns potential into purpose

God's love permeates all that is done. We encourage students to build genuine relationships with one another and with others outside the classroom to foster a continuous exchange of ideas and to recognize their own potential. Learners experience an educational journey founded on Christian ideals, yet deliberately rigorous and strategically aligned to grow leaders who will positively influence and purposefully shape the possibilities in their home, their profession, their church, their community, and the world at large.

NEW Date and Site for Academy of the Cross Golf outing!

Date: Monday September, 23rd

Location: Royal Fox Country Club (St. Charles)

Contact: For more information please contact Dr. Jay Krause at the AOTC office at 847-468-8207.

Partnership: Academy of the Cross and Walther Lutheran High School (Melrose Park) will be partnering in this year's golf outing. Money raised will support the ministries of both of these Lutheran High Schools.


To Obtain Transcripts:
All transcripts from Valley Lutheran High School, which operated from 1974 to 1991, and Fox Valley Lutheran Academy from 1991 to 2010 are maintained and available by request:

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